Saturday, March 13, 2010

Yellow Jee*p is ALIVE (and other random thoughts)

Yellow Jee*p with Robby's Jee*p fresh from hibernating...


First, Happy Anniversary to my lovely wife of 11 years!!!!

It has been a crazy few weeks and I have no time to post.  I could ramble on about work happenings, how the uninformed media choose to sensationalize things in which they only know half the story, how the weather is warming up (yeah!!!), how quick the girls are grow up, how I am concerned about the future of our great country, and etc...  I'll save some of those topics for another day. 

But since the theme has been automobile related thus far (at least 50% of my posts), I will talk about the re-emergence of Yellow Jee*p. 

This is very appropriate.  As of 11 years ago today, Rett and I were headed to TN on our honeymoon in this very vehicle.  We purchased it a month or two before we got married.  The test drive over the weekend in the snow sold us on this little machine 11 years ago.  It has stayed in the family for all 11 years with my brother Robby owning it for a year or two.

In November 2008, I parked the Jee*p in my parents garage for the winter.  But a funny thing happened, 2009 flew by.  The battery in the Jee*p died (same one since we owned it) and I never got around to buying another one, until last Saturday.  It has been in hibernation since 2008!

I was concerned that the old hot rod would not fire up.  After all, it had been sitting for almost 18 months.  But I threw a high quality $48.00 battery in the little machine and turned the key on and off 3 times (to prime the fuel system).  Then I said to Robby, here we go...   Yellow Jee*p cranked over 5-6 times and it rumbled to life!!!!!   Now that is one awesome vehicle.

When I got it out of the garage, the girls were so pleased.  I even caught them hugging it and they begged for us to drive it (which of course we did).

Right now it is residing in our garage (Rett's Jeep is suffering outside for the time being).  I still need to change the oil and etc. to get it ready for regular road duty.  We topped off the little 5-speed tranny today with some fresh 90 weight since it has a small leak (you know the saying about Jee*ps, they like to mark their territory). 

A picturesque photo of Rett's Jee*p taken last fall.

I just got tired of thinking about it.  You only live once so I might as well enjoy the old cruiser vs. letting it rot in the garage.  Now, come on 75 degrees, I want to rip the top off and go cruising!

Picture of Yellow Jee*p topless the summer before the 2008-2010 hibernation

And since I mentioned the other two Jee*ps, I thougth I would throw in a picture of my Cherokee all polished up from last summer. 

Thanks for stopping by and please check back!!