Wednesday, February 17, 2010

World of Wheels* - Indy

Greetings.  This will be my first official post on my blog.  In the future I may dive into other topics and issues, but for now, I'll stick to one of my favorite things, actually two, cars and posting photos from recent happenings in my life. 

Last weekend I attended the World of Wheels* car show in Indianapolis.  I have attended many events in my days (from local shows to Goodguys* to Hot Rod* Power Tour* stops), but never a World of Wheels* event.  I must say that there is plenty to see.  This event had a really cool pinstriping display with local artists (pinstripers) doing their thing.  It was really cool!  One of these days I am going to learn how to do it. 

There was so much to see, we did not even enter the 3rd room (or building, not sure since we didn't make it through that doorway) since my girls fell asleep.  Regarldless, here are a few pictures of some of my favorites from the show.  Enjoy. 

Old school with baby moons and wide whites.  SWEET!

I love flames!

I bet they don't drive it...why build a car too nice to drive?

BLOWN Nova*!

Found one like this on Craigslist*  What could I sell...?

This was a pretty cool display of nostalgic dragsters from the pioneers of drag racing.   

I love station wagons.  If you know me, you know I have a 64 Nova* wagon, but it is not as radical as this wagon.  This one is pretty cool!

Ok, let me know you stopped by.  Thanks!!!!