Friday, August 5, 2011

This is post is from H.

Hi this is H ! Today we hung out with Rob & Ally . We went to the Indianapolis Zoo . There was a  fifteen day old Elephant that's rare ! We all got to touch sharks .  In addition the Baboons were inappropriate :{

Yesterday Rett, Ally, Robby, and I went shopping . We got some really good deals !!! At RUE 21 I bought jeans for $3.00. What a great deal ! I love PINK products! I bought the following; PINK BAG, WATER BOTTLE, And a SHIRT! I bought a dress at Kohls that Ally had to fix several times. I purchased a few other things also!

Right now i'm hoping to see Scarlet and go to Target and go to Hard Rock Cafe! I better start making a stopping point so I can do these things. If you comment I will blog another day.